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Do you have an injury and want to return to your old form? Do you suffer from body pain? Are you looking for a physiotherapist to help you out and guide your rehabilitation process?

A physiotherapist helps you recover your injuries and brings you back to your previous health with strict action plans. Functional Rehabilitation is a manual therapy which helps you recover to your old form and heal your old injuries also decrease chances for further injuries in the future.

Or are you an athlete who wants to train for the new season and increase your performance? Are you new at the sport and wish to train and leave your mark in the sport?

Physiotherapist will efficiently make sure you are able to perform much better through means of functional training. Individual activity plans help you make plans by which you can bring positive changes to your training schedules and devise a way to do better at your sport and also recover your form after an injury. These plans assist you to enhance your muscular strength, endurance and stability which will in turn improve your performance and lead to a better form. For those who are just beginning to play a new sport, the physiotherapist will be concerned with your mobility, speed, strength, increased flexibility of movement and improve posture which will constitute towards a wider range of physical activity. When compared to our training your previous training to feel like a warm up. 

Our specializations :
  • spine injuries and disorders
  • pain in cervical, lumbar and thoracic regions
  • ankle, knee, shoulder joint disorders and injuries
  • scoliosis, discopathies and sciatica
  • recovery from surgery (ankle, knee and hip etc)
  • degenerative diseases
  • post-traumatic, fractures, sprains and dislocations
  • individual rehabilitation program
Our services
  • manual therapy, muscle massages
  • physiotherapy treatments
  • rehabilitation training
  • functional training and general body training
  • preparation trainings for soccer players, runners and skiers
  • endurance training
  • pre and post pregnancy workouts
  • training and conditioning camp

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